07 Nov 2013 - Author Website for Beatrice Holloway

Our author Beatrice Holloway has established her new website.

Visit the Website HERE

Beatrice Holloway, B.A., B.Ed. has always been interested in history, especially when new information clarifies, confirms or questions the past. With the help of a lottery grant she has written and had produced a play; an eighteenth century scandal for which she was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Contributions to the Arts.

Her first novel ‘A Man from the North East’ published privately, details the  social life of the 1930’s. 'Elusive Destiny', her latest novel was written because of a remark she heard –‘I’ll see you in the next life’.

Between novels she has published poetry, short stories, two children’s science books and had children’s short fiction included in an anthology.

Beatrice lives in London, is a retired teacher and enjoys her large family and circle of good friends.