18 Feb 2012 - Heroes of the RAF - No.43 Squadron

Real Life Accounts of Fighting in the Air from 1916 to the 21st Century

Known as the Fighting Cocks from its squadron badge, No.43 Squadron has always been one of the premier fighter squadrons in the RAF. It was formed in 1916 and went out to fly in the war torn skies over the Western Front. There its pilots included some of the leading aces of the RFC, with Captain John Trollope shooting down six German aircraft in a single day. Returning to war in 1939, No.43 Squadron fought throughout the Battle of Britain once taking on 80 German aircraft unaided. The unit later moved to the Mediterranean, flying hazardous ground attack missions over North Africa, Sicily and Italy. The squadron again saw action in the 1990s over Iraq and Bosnia, then returned to Iraq for the Gulf War of 2003. Wherever No.43 Squadron has flown it has shown itself to be an elite unit, and its men have become true Heroes of the RAF.

This book looks at the heroic men (and more recently women) who have fought with the squadron over the years. It details their exploits in battle, their life with the squadron and in many cases their subsequent careers in the RAF.