Have You Ever Wondered How Ghosts Work - Scientific Theories of the Paranormal

Author: Richard Thomas
Price: 2.44

Just as UFOs have become synonymous with alien visitors, similarly it is often assumed that ghosts, if they are real, must be the spirits of the deceased. There are, however, several paranormal theories to explain ghosts that would be equally paradigm shattering to mainstream science if they could be scientifically verified and proven to be real, and not just the product of overactive imaginations.

This ebook explores those theories, analysing how they might work and what lies behind them.

Chapter 1 Crisis Ghosts
Chapter 2 Mind Parasites
Chapter 3 Stone Tape Theory
Chapter 4 Time-Slips
Chapter 5 Back To The Future
About The Author

About The Author

Richard Thomas is a writer of non-fiction books, magazine articles and newspaper columns. He has written articles on a wide range of subjects for the South Wales Evening Post, Alien Worlds, UFO Matrix, Mindscape, Paranormal Magazine and many other publications. Visit his website www.richardthomas.com.

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