New for July 2019

Corbyn's Britain

Thomas More’s  Utopia set the standard for describing     a country where affairs are managed differently in the attempt to create the perfect state. This book sets out

the dystopia that the United Kingdom would be become in the event of a Corbyn government. It draws on the activities across the globe of socialist governments and the terrible effects of their belief that the end justifies the means. No-one reading this work will ever view Che Guevara in the same light.

People who do not remember what the United Kingdom was like in the 1970s may think that some of this is fanciful but currency controls, central planning and long delays to routine services were commonplace in that decade. Electricity blackouts because of strikes and inefficient nationalised industries were also frequent which is why, regrettably, this is so realistic a narrative. Some of the text is humorous, especially the timeline of British history; according to socialist dogma, for example, ‘In 793 the Viking freedom fighters liberated the oppressed monks of Lindesfarne’. Nonetheless, it makes a frighteningly serious point. Marxism has annihilated the economies and freedoms of every state that it has infected. Corbynism would be just as bad.




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