A Man from the North East

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A Man from the North East by Beatrice Holloway

Women, murder, suicide, assault infidelity and the abduction of children shape, colour and test the loyalties of George, a family man.

A compelling tale of a determined young man seeking his fortune in 1930's London. George, with an elementary education, is full of ambitions but life takes a different direction. He meets colourful ladies; and Cockneys teach him a trade. Murder, suicide, infidelity, abduction and war test his mettle. Although content with the outcome and with a family and little money, he is still set on furthering his education, wanting to put letters after his name.

About the Author

Beatrice Holloway, B.A., B.Ed. has always been interested in history, especially when new information clarifies, confirms or questions the past.  With the help of a lottery grant she has written and had produced a play; an eighteenth century scandal for which she was awarded a Certificate of Merit for Contributions to the Arts.