Bula - An Englishman in Fiji

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Bula -  An Englishman in Fiji by Beau Bosworth

A series of short stories written by an Englishman who spent some time in Fiji. All the tales are based on true events, though the names have been changed to protect the innocent, as they say. 

The tales are primarily about the ex-pat community in the islands, the stories cover much ground about the islands, their culture and history. Most of these stories are slightly fictionalised accounts of real events which took place in the Fijian islands or nearby in recent years – the author’s involvement in the events is often fictional as the events generally happened to other people (often the Reggie referred to in one story). 

About the Author

Beau Bosworth is a pseudonym. He prefers that his work colleagues do not get wind of the fact that he writes about them. 

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