The Siege of Badajoz 1812

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The Siege of Badajoz 1812 by Oliver Hayes

The bloodiest siege of the Napoleonic Wars was the 1812 attack on Badajoz by Wellington’s British army in the Peninsular War. Not only were the casualties among combatants heavy, but the subsequent sack of the city saw brutality, murder and rape on an unprecedented scale. 

This lavishly illustrated ebook is a must for anyone interested in the Peninsular War. This book forms part of the Bretwalda Battles series on The Peninsular War. 

Chapter 1 - The Peninsular War
Chapter 2 - The Commanders at Badajoz
Chapter 3 - Weapons, Soldiers and Tactics
Chapter 4 - The French Army
Chapter 5 - The British Army
Chapter 6 - The Portuguese Army
Chapter 7 - The Siege of Badajoz
Chapter 8 - After Badajoz

About the Author
Oliver Hayes is a military historian who has written extensively for books and magazines on different aspects of the military. He is now writing a series of books on the Peninsular War for Bretwalda Books. 

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