The Sieges of Leicester 943 & 1645

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The Sieges of Leicester 943 & 1645 by Rupert Matthews

A book dedicated to the three sieges of Leicester in 943 and in the summer of 1645, events that saw much of the medieval city razed to the ground and hundreds of citizens killed.

Leicester spent most of the English Civil War at peace, a garrison town for Parliament in the Midlands. Then in May 1645 Royalist Prince Rupert arrived and laid siege to the city. After conducting a skilful siege, Rupert’s men assaulted the town and burst in to butcher the garrison and loot the houses and churches. Rupert marched off, leaving his own garrison. The Royalists had barely repared the walls when a Roundhead army arrived, laid siege and then stormed the town in their turn, adding more bloodshed and destruction. 

This book follows the standard pattern set by others in the Bretwalda Battles series. The reasons for and course of the war in question are outlined, then detailed analyses of weapons, tactics and strategies are given with particular reference to this battle. The course of the battleis then followed, with comment on what there is to see at the site today. Short biographies of the commanders are also given. The aftermath of the battle, its effects and importance to the progress of the war are then described. 

Chapter 1 The Viking Wars
Chapter 2 The Siege of Leicester 943    
Chapter 3 The English Civil War
Chapter 4 Siege Warfare in the English Civil War
Chapter 5 The Sieges of Leicester 1645
Chapter 6 Aftermath

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