The Spanish Army in the Peninsular War - Weapons, Tactics and Strategy

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The Spanish Army in the Peninsular War  -   Weapons, Tactics and Strategy by Leonard James

The Spanish Army was the first to stop Napoleon’s veterans in open battle - crushing a French army at the Battle of Bailen in July 1808 and forcing the survivors to surrender. Despite this the Spanish Army has had something of a poor reputation among English-speaking historians, due in part to the reluctance of some Spanish generals to co-operate with Wellington’s army in the Peninsula. This ebook explains why this reputation was partly deserved, but mostly not. 

This book takes an exciting new look at the Spanish Army between 1807 and 1814. It explains tactics and strategy, looks at weapons and training. Biographies of the leading commanders are included. There is a chapter on the Guerrillas. The illustrations show the equipment, the text explains how it was used. 

The “Warriors of the Word” series is a continuing series of ebooks looking at fighting men from across the centuries, from the ancient world to the present day. 

Chapter 1 - The Spanish Army
Chapter 2 - Spanish Organisation & Uniforms
Chapter 3 - The Guerrillas
Chapter 4 - Spanish Commanders
Chapter 5 - Weapons, Soldiers and Tactics

About the Author
Leonard James is an author of military books. He comes from a military family that has fought in every major war since at least the Crimean War, and probably before that. His forebears were mostly cavalrymen, though his father served in the RAF. Leonard has made a particular study of battlefields in Britain, walking over dozens of them to get an eye for ground. He has also handled genuine and replica weapons to better understand the use of pre-modern weapons and the men who wielded them.

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