The V2 Offensive on London - a Bretwalda Battle

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The V2 Offensive on London - a Bretwalda Battle by Andrew May

An ebook containing eyewitness accounts of the RAF’s first big night raid on Germany. Complete with explanatory text and background on the men and machines involved. 

By March 1940 World War II?was six months old and yet the RAF had still not launched a major night raid on Germany. They had been held back by the French who insisted that only military bases could be bombed - not weapons factories or transport links - and by their own navigational problems that made finding small bases at night a problem. 

But in March 1940 Geman bombs killed a British civilian in Scotland and the RAF was ordered to carry out a major raid in retaliation. The target chosen was the great German air base at Sylt. It would prove to be a crucial raid, teaching the RAF how little they in fact knew about night navigation and night bombing. The lessons of Sylt had to be learnt, and learnt fast. 

The “Eyewitness World War II” series is a growing collection of ebooks that contain original eyewitness accounts and contemporary newspaper reports of the action in question. You can find more ebooks in this series by searching for “Eyewitness World War II” or by visiting the military page of our website. 

Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Men and Machines
Chapter 3 Contemporary Press Reports
Chapter 4 Eyewitness Reports

About the Author
Leonard James has written dozens of books, mostly on history or military subjects for a wide audience. He is uniquely placed to analyse and comment upon the accounts used in the “Eyewitness World War II” series.

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